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Detect Thefts, Automatically,
In Real-Time

Thanks to Veesion, thousands of retailers around the world are reducing shrinkage up to 60%.
Veesion uses the power of artificial intelligence to detect and prevent theft in your store.

Veesion, the software that continuously analyses your video feeds

Are you a store owner? Get real-time alerts when shoplifting or suspicious behaviors are detected

  • Reduce your theft-related losses by up to 60%
  • Algorithmic analysis of video footage
  • Automatically detects suspicious gestures
  • Get a video notification in real-time

Compatible with all types of cameras: nothing to replace

Join the 3 000+ store owners who effectively fight shoplifting with Veesion !

Thousands of store owners have reduced their shrinkage


stores equipped in the world


countries covered

up to 60%

shrinkage reduction


The scourge of shoplifting

Discover how Veesion has addressed the unique security challenges of diverse retailers, ranging from small stores to large-scale players in all industries.

They trust us

Find out how Veesion is cutting losses for thousands of shops

around the world

Thousands of stores and businesses protected by Veesion across all continents

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