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Innovation for retail

We envision a future where technology enriches not only security but also the overall retail experience. Our roadmap focuses on expanding our AI capabilities beyond theft prevention, addressing key areas such as prevention, optimisation, autonomy, and management.

Find out how our advances in AI will transform customer flow management, deliver personalised interactions and revolutionise inventory management.

Innovation: self-checkout security

In the near future, Veesion plans to extend its AI to prevent sophisticated checkout fraud. Imagine a case where the price of a less expensive item is used to cover the price of a more expensive product. These tricks, often undetectable by self-checkouts, can be identified by analysing Veesion’s gestures in real time. Shops will not only be able to reduce losses due to fraud, but also guarantee a reliable and transparent payment experience for their customers.

Prevention: keeping customers safe

A secure retail environment is paramount. Our future technology will include fall detection systems, using AI to monitor high-risk areas.

By identifying potentially dangerous situations, such as slippery floors or obstacles, our system will alert staff to intervene quickly, helping to prevent accidents and ensure the safety of customers and employees.

Optimisation: personalising the shopping experience

Our vision of tomorrow’s retailing puts the shopping experience at the centre, focusing on an in-depth analysis of the shelves. This detailed understanding enables us to personalise the shopping journey, making each visit more intuitive and satisfying.

By integrating this analysis, we can automatically adjust product recommendations and promotions according to the layout of the shelves and the items available. The result? A more targeted and enjoyable shopping experience, where customers easily find what they’re looking for and discover relevant products, improving their in-store visits.

Autonomy: connected shops

At Veesion, we envisage a future where autonomy redefines retail. We’re currently exploring the idea of fully autonomous shops, a concept where our gesture recognition and AI technology could enable checkout-free operation.

Imagine a future where customers select their products and are automatically charged as they check out, creating a smoother, effortless shopping experience. This scenario, while still in the conceptual stage, represents an exciting direction in which we plan to focus our development efforts in the future.

Management: stock monitoring thanks to AI

Effective stock management is essential for any retail business. Our future technology will include advanced stock tracking systems, using AI to forecast storage requirements and optimise logistics.

This will reduce waste, improve product availability and ensure more accurate and efficient stock management.

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