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Our technology

AI applied to
gesture recognition

At Veesion, we combine artificial intelligence (AI) applied to gesture recognition to create a unique and effective solution. Our advanced technology is designed to detect suspicious behaviour in real time, transforming safety into a seamless and secure experience for everyone.

Find out how our system, which is easy to integrate and adapts to any retail environment, enables us to aim to redefine security in retail spaces.

Deep Learning Video by Veesion

Our revolutionary technology is based on a major innovation in the field of artificial intelligence: the application of Video Deep Learning.

Deep Learning Video enables our system to observe and understand human gestures in real time. By analysing videos continuously, our AI learns to identify suspicious behaviour, such as that associated with shoplifting. This means your security guards can rely on reliable help to quickly identify potentially problematic situations, allowing them to focus on the most important aspects of their mission.

vidéo simulation IA qui détecte un geste suspect -veesion

A constantly improving solution

At the heart of Veesion is its unique ability to learn and improve autonomously. Our system is constantly evolving, improving with each use to provide ever more accurate gesture recognition. This process of self-improvement means that Veesion adapts to new situations and challenges encountered in-store.

This continuous evolution ensures that Veesion stays in tune with retailers’ current needs. In-store, this translates into increased support for security guards, who can act in a more targeted and effective way. Suspicious situations are identified more quickly, improving overall shop security and delivering a safer, more enjoyable retail experience for customers.

Analyse, detect and alert : a three-stage process

Veesion’s strength lies in its ability to analyse, detect and alert. Our system analyses video data in real time, spotting behaviour that requires special attention. Thanks to its advanced artificial intelligence, it accurately identifies various types of gestures and actions, enabling rapid and appropriate intervention.

If any risky behaviour is identified, our system immediately alerts the staff concerned. This rapid and effective chain of action enables proactive intervention, contributing to the safety and well-being of the shop environment.

Our commitments

The Veesion solution applies advanced AI to analyse videos, detecting suspicious gestures such as hiding an object in a bag or jacket. We ensure unbiased analysis: no biometric recognition or individual tracking, guaranteeing a privacy-friendly approach.

Our technology respects confidentiality, without recognising physical or emotional characteristics, ensuring safe and respectful surveillance, in full compliance with the RGPD and in line with the ethics of AI.

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