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Video surveillance for supermarkets

Intelligent anti-shoplifting system

Video surveillance in supermarkets is crucial to prevent shoplifting. Discover Veesion, our software that detects shoplifting automatically in real-time.

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Intelligent video surveillance for supermarkets

Veesion is a 100% made in France company specialized in security, combined with artificial intelligence. Here at Veesion, we have developed a gesture-based recognition software.

This AI-based software uses the latest advances in Deep Learning to automatically detect shoplifting gestures in real-time in supermarkets from existing surveillance cameras.

Do you want to ensure the security of your store? Our anti-shoplifting system is for you!

AI Veesion detects suspicious gestures in a supermarket

The benefits of intelligent video surveillance for supermarkets

Depending on the region and the time of year, shrinkage can represent up to 3% of supermarket sales. In these circumstances, the installation of a traditional video surveillance system can detect shoplifting incidents, but its preventive efficiency fades over time. In addition, it is difficult for a security guard (if there is one) to detect all suspicious acts. Less than 5% of shoplifting incidents are detected by trained agents.

Veesion is an AI software that never rests and never gets tired. Simply put, Veesion helps you optimize your security expenditure while also providing the most efficient results. Our software is available 24/7 and 365 days a year to detect suspicious actions at any time and by anyone.

Actively and efficiently fight shoplifting incidents

Detect shoplifting in real-time

Prevent shoplifting by recurring customers

Key figures

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Shrinkage represents up to 3% of supermarket sales

1 out of 2 shoplifting incidents is committed by a regular customer

Veesion equips more than 2500 sales points in all sectors and in more than 25 countries

Secure your supermarket with an intelligent video surveillance system

Intelligent anti-shoplifting system

In the field of video surveillance, Veesion has developed a powerful tool to help you optimize the security of your supermarket. We offer you an intelligent anti-shoplifting system based on artificial intelligence allowing you to detect suspicious gestures in real time.

An innovative artificial intelligence system

Veesion is the first gesture recognition software used to fight against shoplifting. We bring the best of Artificial Intelligence to your video surveillance system to prevent shoplifting in real-time.

How does our anti-shoplifting system for supermarkets work?

Veesion is an anti-shoplifting system dedicated to supermarkets worldwide. For several months, our R&D AI team  “trained” the Veesion algorithm with millions of examples of suspicious gestures to detect in supermarkets. Our software is now able to detect shopliftings that take place in front of supermarket CCTV cameras.

Our AI is continuously learning, and this allows our technology to become more and more efficient, until we eventually will reach a 99% detection rate.

Installation of the server containing the veesion solution on your existing cameras in the store

After connecting our server to your video recorder, we synchronize the Veesion software with the cameras in your store. In less than 30 minutes, you‘ll be ready to get your first alerts.

Sending alerts on the tablet or phone provided by the supermarket

Once connected to your cameras, the software will send you notifications on your tablet, phone or computer (even on your cash registers). These notifications are short videos allowing you to quickly identify the suspect and intervene in real-time.

Arrest of the thieves by the supermarket’s security guards

After receiving the alert, the security guard will be able to apprehend the thief before he runs out of the shop, and use the video notification to avoid any outbursts: a proof allows to quickly confront the potential thief with its actions.

Our commitments regarding video surveillance in supermarkets

Veesion technology is based solely on algorithmic processing of gestures. We do not use facial recognition, customer tracking, or identity registration, so our technology does not allow for the recognition of physical or physiological characteristics, or the deduction of emotions or intentions of people. Protecting the identity of our clients’ consumers is one of Veesion’s fundamental commitments.

Veesion only uses the data collected in the context of providing the service and for no other purpose

Artificial intelligence is leveraged as a tool to assist customers in making decisions

Veesion’s technology only analyzes gestures, never individuals

Veesion technology has the same purpose as existing video protection systems

Questions and answers

How does our video surveillance system for supermarkets work?

Once you have received your Veesion server, our technicians will accompany you to make the appropriate connections. Once this is done, you will soon after get the first alerts informing you of suspicious actions taking place in your supermarket. Our customer support team will call you within 24 hours to train you to use our technology.

Does Veesion only work as an anti-shoplifting system or does it have other functionalities?

Veesion allows the detection of gestures potentially associated with different shoplifting incidents. We are also working on another algorithm capable of detecting fraud in traditional checkouts or in self-checkout.

The alerts can be displayed as a popup (in addition to the application) on a PC. Thanks to a dedicated customer interface (soon available), the user can have a view of the Veesion results on all its sales points sorted by date.

How long is the legal retention period for video surveillance recordings?

The person in charge of the device must determine the duration of conservation of the images of its cameras and must do it according to the objective pursued by the installation of the surveillance system.

The retention of any video surveillance cannot be longer than 30 days, except for when there are legal proceedings in progress. Some images can be kept for a longer period if this conservation is necessary for an investigation and/or to be used as proof relative to a security incident. The length of time videos are kept is re-evaluated regularly.

Does Veesion also sell video surveillance cameras for supermarkets?

Veesion is a software hosted on a computational server that is implemented on existing cameras. In other words, Veesion does not sell surveillance cameras. We implement ourselves on existing video surveillance systems by a simple connection to the video recorder.

However, we work in partnership with many camera suppliers and can provide advice on the supply of video surveillance equipment.

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