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How Julien, successfully ensured the cost-effectiveness of his video surveillance system ?

Read the full interview with Julien D., manager of several franchised Intermarché stores.
Julien explains why he decided to install Veesion in his store, how it saves his team time, and helps to optimise his security budget.

How does Benoit use Veesion to detect shoplifting in his pharmacy?

Read the exclusive testimonial from Benoît, owner of a parapharmacy store in the Ile de France region. He explains why he decided to install Veesion technology in his pharmacy, how it works, and talks about the benefits he’s unlocked after installing Veesion.

We support over 2500 stores in over 25 countries around the world.

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Find out how Veesion is helping to reduce losses in thousands of stores across the world

Why retailers choose Veesion ?

Every retail business has its own reasons for using our solution, whether it’s to reduce shoplifting, lower security costs, or have intelligent 24/7 video surveillance.


suspicious gestures detected each month


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