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Watch some of our best customer success stories in the US, and discover the tangible results gained from working with Veesion.

Learn how a neighborhood store in New York uses AI to stop shoplifters

Discover the exclusive testimony from Edfury T., manager of FoodTown in the New York area, who installed Veesion technology instead of a traditional anti-theft system.

How Armando is using Veesion to detect theft?

Read the testimonial from Armando, manager of Key Food.

Armando explains why he decided to install Veesion technology in his store, how it works, and talks about the benefits he’s unlocked after installing Veesion.

Veesion-driven security leap: catching thieves smarter

“Can AI catch a thief? We tried it” – Witness Bennie’s groundbreaking journey in retail security with Veesion’s AI technology. Discover how this innovative system is reshaping theft prevention in his store.

To catch a shoplifter: Veesion’s role in halting retail theft

Join the JJ Liquors store owner as he tackles daily shoplifting challenges. Discover how he combats this with Veesion’s AI technology, transforming store security.

Veesion empowering
staff for better customer engagement

Nicole E., Store Manager at Key Food, shares how AI is changing the game. With Veesion’s AI technology, staff are free from constant camera monitoring, focusing instead on providing better customer service on the floor.

Veesion helping US convenience store to upgrade its security

Discover how a convenience store is redefining security with Veesion’s technology. See how an alert for suspicious activity is triggered in just 38 seconds, showcasing the swift and efficient power of Veesion in action.

Impressive results with Veesion’s AI at Bay Area grocery store

Discover how Lunardi’s, a Bay Area grocery store, is taking retail security to new heights with Veesion’s AI. This advanced system, highlighted for its effectiveness, captures at least one shoplifter daily, setting a new standard in safeguarding retail spaces.

Live in action: see Veesion’s AI solution transform retail security

This eye-opening example showcases how a store manager effectively uses Veesion to identify and address potential shoplifters, enhancing store security with smart, AI-driven insights. Discover the tangible benefits of our technology in a real retail environment.

We support more than 2500 stores in over 25 countries around the world.

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Find out how Veesion is helping to reduce losses in thousands of stores across the world

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Every retail business has its own reasons for using our solution, whether it’s to reduce shoplifting, lower security costs, or have intelligent 24/7 video surveillance.


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