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Intelligent anti-theft system

Video surveillance coupled with AI can be more than useful to detect thefts. Discover our product that automatically detects thefts in real time
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Intelligent Video surveillance for Pharmacies

Veesion is an artificial intelligence and security company. Founded in 2018, it detects theft behavior automatically and in real time in pharmacies. Our software is based on the latest advances in Deep Learning and is complementary to your existing surveillance cameras.
You want to ensure the security of your pharmacy? Our anti-theft system is made for you!
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The benefits of intelligent video surveillance for pharmacies

Actively fight against theft
Detect theft in real time
Discourage regular theft
The amount of theft (more precisely, shrinkage) is estimated at up to 3% of the sales turnover of the point of sale. The installation of a traditional video surveillance system certainly contributes to limiting these acts, but the dissuasive effect fades from year to year. It is difficult for a security guard (when there is one) to keep an eye on everything and spot all suspicious acts. Less than 5% of thefts are detected by an experienced agent.

Veesion is a 24/7 video operator that doesn't take breaks or vacations and never gets tired. Simply put, Veesion helps you maximize your security spend.
Many pharmacies are equipped with a video surveillance system and sometimes with security guards. Nevertheless, it is impossible for a human to detect several simultaneous actions on several cameras at the same time.
But for Veesion, simultaneous thefts and human failure are not a problem. Our software is able to analyze all the cameras in your pharmacy at the same time to maximize the detection of theft.
One out of two thefts is committed by a regular customer of your pharmacy. Theft in itself is already a prejudicial act for your company, but when it is regular it can significantly impact your profitability.

It is therefore necessary, even urgent, to identify these regular thieves in order to catch them as soon as possible and avoid any recurrence.

Moreover, Veesion has no bias like your possible agent or your order picker! Our solution detects suspicious gestures regardless of the person.

Key figures

Unwanted shrinkage represents up to 3% of sales
1 theft out of 2 is committed by a regular customer
Veesion equips more than 1800 points of sale in all sectors and in more than 20 countries

Secure your store with intelligent video surveillance

Intelligent anti-theft system

In the field of video surveillance, Veesion has developed a powerful tool to help you optimize the security of your store. We offer you an intelligent anti-theft system based on artificial intelligence allowing you to detect suspicious gestures in real time.
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An innovative artificial intelligence system

Veesion is the first gesture recognition software used to fight against theft.
We bring to your video protection system the best of Artificial Intelligence to prevent theft in real time.

How does our anti-theft system for pharmacies work?

Veesion is an intelligent anti-theft system that has been "trained" for several months by our developers and researchers in artificial intelligence. They fed it with millions of examples of suspicious gestures to detect in pharmacies. Now, our software is able to detect the gestures of theft taking place in front of the surveillance cameras of your pharmacy.

The learning process of our artificial intelligence is continuous: this allows us to make our technology more and more efficient and to reach a 99% detection rate in the long run.

Installation of the server containing the Veesion solution on the existing video surveillance system

Following the connection of the server containing our solution on your video recorder, we proceed to the synchronization of our software with the surveillance cameras of your pharmacy, and in less than 30 minutes you start receiveing the first alerts of theft.

Sending alerts on the tablet or phone made available to pharmacies by Veesion

After being connected to your cameras, you will be able to receive notifications on your tablet, phone or checkout stations via the Veesion app. These are short videos that allow you to quickly identify the detected suspect and intervene.

Arrest of thieves by security guards

Once the alert arrives on the phone or tablet, the security guard will be able to stop the thief before he flees. He can then use the video notification as evidence to present the suspect with proof of their actions.
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Our commitments regarding video surveillance in Pharmacies

Veesion's technology only analyzes gestures, never individuals

Veesion does not use the data collected for its own activities

Artificial intelligence is put at the service of its customers as a decision support tool

Veesion technology has the same purpose as existing video protection systems

Veesion's algorithmic processing is based on gestures only. Our technology does not use facial recognition, customer tracking or identity registration. Therefore, we do not allow the recognition of physical or physiological characteristics, the deduction of emotions or the intentions of the person. Keeping the identity of your customer’s safe is one of Veesion's founding commitments.
Our company does not monetize the data processed by artificial intelligence. It is only used to detect behaviors that could potentially harm people and property.

Our solution does not rely on any identification process. Moreover, we do not keep any collective or personal data allowing the identification or the detection of an individual; be it his face, his emotions, his gait or his clothing for example.
Artificial intelligence is a valuable decision support tool for human beings. We remain convinced that the final decision must be made by humans and not by software.

Thus, our solution does not aim at automating a process but at helping to fight against shoplifting and to reinforce the safety of consumers in the points of sale.
Veesion analyzes images from video surveillance systems already installed in pharmacies. The goal is to ensure the protection of people and property. The alerts produced by Veesion are accessible to security managers, security guards and employees declared to the prefecture. We also ensure a legal watch allowing us to remain in agreement with the legislation in force.

Find out what Veesion can do for you

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and answers

How does our video surveillance system for pharmacies work?

After receiving our server containing the Veesion solution, our technicians will guide you, over the phone, through the software connection and installation process. After this first step, you will receive the first alerts informing you about suspicious customers in your pharmacy.

After that, our customer support team will call you within 24 hours to train you on the application and its use.

Does Veesion work only as an anti-theft system or does it have other functionalities?

For the moment Veesion only allows the detection of gestures potentially associated with shoplifting. However, we are currently working on another algorithm capable of detecting fraud in traditional or automatic checkouts.

In addition to the alerts on the application, you can receive these alerts as pop-ups on a PC. And thanks to a customer backoffice that will be available soon, the user of our application will be able to have an overview of the Veesion results on the different points of sale by filtering by date.

How long is the legal retention period for video surveillance recordings?

It is up to the person in charge of the system to determine the duration of the conservation of the images of its cameras according to the objective pursued by the implementation of the video surveillance system.

Nevertheless, this period should not exceed 30 days, except in the case of legal proceedings in progress. Therefore, it happens that certain images are kept longer when this is necessary for an investigation, and can be used as proof following a security incident. It should be noted that the need for conservation is re-evaluated regularly.

Does Veesion also sell video surveillance cameras for pharmacies?

Veesion is a software hosted on a calculation server that is implemented on a pre-existing video surveillance system. In other words, we do not sell surveillance cameras for pharmacies. On the other hand, we are partners with many suppliers and are willing to provide you with advice on the supply of video surveillance equipment.

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