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July 5, 2023

Find out how a manager of several Intermarché stores has successfully ensured the cost-effectiveness of his video surveillance system

We only used to notice the thefts when we did our stocktaking, by which time it was too late. With Veesion, it’s instantaneous!

Read the full interview with Julien D., manager of several franchised Intermarché stores.

Julien explains why he decided to install Veesion technology in his store, how it works, and talks about the benefits he’s unlocked after installing Veesion.

Store setting and location

The store is located opposite a secondary school, and generates a lot of shopper traffic (between 2,000 and 2,500 customers a day).

This is reflected in the store’s opening hours, from 7.30am to 10pm.


Julien didn’t have the budget to equip the store with security guards, since the store had only recently been opened.

The store does have a video surveillance system, but it’s difficult to monitor the cameras on a constant basis and detect shoplifting effectively.

Thefts are spotted too late, namely only during stocktakes and inventory checks.

Benefits unlocked with Veesion

The Veesion solution saves time on a day-to-day basis, and does away with the need for constant vigilance or monitoring security cameras all day.

What’s more, the new system is far less intrusive for the store’s customers, as searches and bag checks are only carried out if and when suspicious behaviour has been detected. And we possess the visual evidence to back up any charges.

In one of his other stores, where Julien also decided to install Veesion, the technology is now helping his security guards to stop more incidents of shoplifting, be in several places at once, and recover stolen goods with relative ease.

Features of the Veesion solution

For Julien, the solution is simple to install, and can be easily adapted to the store’s existing video surveillance system.

Store employees receive a notification as soon as suspicious behaviour is detected, such as an item being concealed in a jacket, pocket or bag.

It offers the best value for money on the video surveillance market!

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