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The Veesion team

The Veesion team is leading the way with innovation and expertise in the security sector. With in-depth understanding of the challenges encountered in commercial security, we’ve developed an intelligent theft prevention solution. Our software uses artificial intelligence to detect suspicious behaviors in real-time, in the aim of creating significant reductions in financial losses for retailers. Thanks to Veesion, losses associated with theft can be reduced by up to 60%.

A pioneer of innovation

With more than 3,000 retailers already benefiting from our technology around the world, Veesion is fast becoming a key figure in the commercial security sector. Our software is easily integrated into existing video CCTV systems, offering continuous surveillance and optimal reactivity. Big brand names have already put their trust in us and are reaping the benefits of our effective and reliable solution.

A versatile and high-performance software

Our technology can adapt to various sectors: Whether you’re managing a supermarket, pharmacy or clothing store, Veesion will meet your needs. The proof lies in the 100,000 suspicious movements that our software identifies each month.

Our expertise

On our blog, our experts share their rich experience in the sector. They unravel and analyze the current challenges faced in commercial security, offering their valuable advice to our community. So, if you’re looking for specialist information on video surveillance and security, you’re in the right place.

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