9 key reasons to automate your video surveillance system

Photo of a shelter that represents our ai videosurveillance system.

Video surveillance is a great benefit to any business, as it is a foolproof way of protecting your business, your property and your employees. Video surveillance can be used for many different reasons, including theft prevention, monitoring suspicious activity, providing evidence in a dispute and improving the safety of your building's general environment.

Most retail stores are already equipped with a video surveillance system. However, there are multiple limitations to these systems. To be effective the system requires a human element, which is often a member of staff who observes multiple monitors in the hopes of detecting suspicious activity.

The best way to automate your video surveillance system is by using Artificial intelligence (AI) software. The AI software is plugged directly into your CCTV camera network and is able to automatically detect suspicious behavior and alert you in real time. Automating your video surveillance system can be a great option to optimize your initial investment and improve the overall security in your store.

Here are 9 key reasons why automating your surveillance system will be beneficial for you and your business:

1. Save money

There is over 100BN$ in inventory shrinkage worldwide each year which generally accounts for up to 3% of a store's annual sales turnover. This can be detrimental to a store's financial health and sometimes even renders it unprofitable.

Automating your video surveillance is a great way to keep your store safe. It deters criminals and prevents subsequent incidents. It also helps you find out exactly what happens when something bad does unfortunately happen. The AI does this by automatically sending through an alert notification using a messaging application. Receiving an alert as soon as suspicious behavior is detected gives you more time to react, therefore stopping the thief and recovering potential losses.

Around 50% of shoplifting is committed by returning customers so even if the thief is able to flee, the notification can be used as evidence and subsequently ban the person from re-entering the store.

2. Save time

If you want to run a successful business, you’ll need to ensure that your employees are working efficiently and that customers are given the best possible service. This is especially true in the retail industry, it’s important to differentiate yourself from competitors and this can be done by offering exemplary customer service. Employees who are preoccupied with looking at monitors, will not be able to give customers the important attention they deserve. Looking at monitors or observing suspicious clients also draws you and your employees away from more important tasks. AI will help alert you so you will no longer need to worry about suspicious activity.

3. Money and time saved can be reinvested in business growth

Better security systems can potentially add more value to your business. Time saved translates to more efficiency from employees and reducing redundant tasks improves overall morale. Lowering shrinkage and minimizing incidents will have a direct impact on your bottom line.The cost of securing your business is typically far less than the potential cost of a security breach. The value of the lost time and money can be reinvested into the growth or improvement of your business.

4. Another layer of security

Retail stores have to deal with a lot of security issues. Some of them are: theft, fraud, stolen items, or even customers who are trying to take advantage of the company. In order to solve these problems, some companies use artificial intelligence technology ( … just like Veesion ). With this solution, you can optimize your cameras by detecting suspicious human behavior automatically. The software is capable of recording the video and sending it to the store manager and other employees when something suspicious happens. This gives staff members enough time to assess the situation and apprehend the thief before they leave the store. Having the video notification as proof also helps calm any possible dispute by the thief.

5. Peace of mind

A security system can provide peace of mind and increase your feeling of safety in your store. Not having to worry about what each and every customer is doing in each aisle is a huge relief. A security system is more than just a camera with a monitor. It's a means to have a wide field of view and have eyes on every angle of the store by just looking at one screen. Automated systems such as Veesion  remove the time and effort needed to observe the monitor and your clients. You will be sent an alert when a customer hides an article on their person or in their bag. The alert can also be recorded as evidence. This can help you to deter thieves and protect your business.

6. Reduce costs

Employing a full time security officer in your store is extremely expensive and not as efficient as you would hope. An automated surveillance system can vastly improve the capacities of a security guard by pinpointing the suspicious person and giving the security guard the tactical edge by enabling them to stop the thief before leaving the store. If the cost of a security guard is too much for you then automating your surveillance system is a great option as it will alert you and your employees when suspicious behavior is detected, giving you the time to react appropriately.

7. Increase control and flexibility

Video surveillance gives you more flexibility in your business operations. With remote access you are able to check up on things from anywhere at any time if you have any concerns. Automating your system with AI will give you even more flexibility as you will be alerted when suspicious behavior is detected so you won’t have to worry about regularly having to check up unnecessarily but rather only when you really need to. This will also give you more control over what’s happening in your business as you and your employees will be immediately alerted to suspicious activity. This adds an accountability factor and implicates employees to actively stop the thieves and reduce your shrinkage. You will also have more control over the decisions you make regarding product placement and commonly stolen items.

8. Make better decisions

Imagine having an archive of video evidence showing you which items are the most commonly stolen, the potential monetary loss of each theft and the amount recuperated from every theft stopped. AI helps you keep track of the potential or actual losses and allows you to make more informed decisions in your financial planning and theft prevention.

9. Reduce stress

You can’t be everywhere all the time nor can your employees. AI helps you focus on the task at hand and not have to worry about what customers are doing in the store. Whether you are dealing with a customer at the cash register, in the back taking care of inventory or a big delivery, you will no longer have to worry about somebody stealing from you. Anytime a suspicious gesture is picked up by the AI, you and other staff members will instantly be notified, giving you the time required to react.


The automatisation of your CCTV surveillance system with Artificial intelligence can have a huge positive impact on your business. Saving you both time and money whilst allowing you and your employees the time needed to focus on the most essential tasks. Thieves should no longer have the upper hand. Stop shoplifting NOW. Try Veesion

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