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June 15, 2023

CCTV: how can Artificial Intelligence revolutionise your pharmacy?

Article written by: The Veesion team
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Artificial intelligence (AI) is of considerable interest when it comes to the security of retail stores, especially pharmacies. With its advanced monitoring and detection capabilities, AI can quickly identify suspicious behaviour, prevent theft, and protect both customers and staff. AI can also play a crucial role in stock management (e.g. by identifying demand trends, predicting stock levels, and optimising orders). With Veesion software, you can enjoy an extra level of security, and optimise your day-to-day management performance. Innovation working to serve your business.


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Security, theft prevention, management: just some of the daily challenges in a pharmacy

On a daily basis, pharmacy managers have to face a number of challenges that put at risk the security and smooth running of their establishments. Artificial Intelligence is proving to be an effective way to address these challenges.

Pharmacy security: a must for both customers and staff.

The security of employees and customers is a key concern. Pharmacies receive a constant flow of customers, which can occasionally lead to situations of conflict, theft and even violence. Pharmacy managers must ensure that their staff and customers are protected through clear safety policies, appropriate training, and risk prevention measures.

Theft prevention: a way to effectively combat shrinkage

Preventing theft is another major challenge for pharmacies. Because of their high cost value and potential for resale, pharmaceutical products and medicines are often the target of shoplifters. Pharmacy managers therefore need to put in place effective security measures to deter thieves, such as security camera systems, alarms as well as product lock-up systems for medicines.

Stock management: optimising stock levels and the customer experience

Lastly, pharmacies must strive to maintain a delicate balance between ensuring the availability of essential medicines and minimising the costs associated with having surplus stocks. This requires constant monitoring of consumer demand, accurate forecasting of requirements, and efficient order management.

What is AI Veesion and how does it work?

Veesion is an Artificial Intelligence solution that specifically addresses the needs of store owners and pharmacy managers. By using AI, Veesion can detect suspicious behaviour in real time and immediately alert pharmacy staff.

Veesion’s algorithms provide security surveillance that is as reliable as it is accurate. The Veesion server is easy to install, and is compatible with most camera models on the market. Whenever a problem is detected, an alert is sent to a tablet or telephone, enabling rapid intervention.

Veesion respects privacy and ensures an ethical approach by only analysing body gestures and body movements. There is no facial recognition or tracking of individuals. The data collected is used solely for video surveillance purposes. With Veesion, you can optimise your security budget while benefiting from effective video surveillance to prevent shrinkage.

The benefits of Veesion AI for security

The Veesion system offers a number of benefits for enhancing the security of pharmacies and retail establishments in general.

Optimal detection of suspicious behaviour in real time

Veesion makes possible an advanced detection of suspicious body movements in real time. Its AI technology is trained using millions of examples of body gestures associated with shoplifting. This means Veesion can identify abnormal behaviour such as the concealment of objects, rapid hand movements and aggressive gestures. This helps to prevent theft, allows staff to act quickly, and provides tangible evidence in the event of a disputed charge.

Round-the-clock surveillance

Veesion offers continuous, fool-proof surveillance. Unlike a human security guard, Veesion is available 24/7, it never takes a break or holiday, and never gets sick or tired. It can monitor several security cameras at once, ensuring complete coverage of your store. Less than 5% of thefts are detected by even the most experienced security guard. With Veesion, this detection rate increases considerably.

Rapid response time

Veesion enables proactive incident management. Whenever suspicious behaviour is detected, Veesion issues a real-time alert to pharmacy staff via a mobile app. This alert also contains video footage, enabling the suspect(s) to be quickly identified, and appropriate measures to be taken to prevent theft and ensure the safety of employees and customers.

Easy to use

Veesion is quick and easy to install, so pharmacies can quickly benefit from all its advanced options. With its intuitive interface, Veesion offers a smooth and accessible user experience. Its straightforward alert system and simplified functions make it easy to manage your store’s intelligent video surveillance on a day-to-day basis.

Greater operational efficiency

In addition to security, Artificial Intelligence offers a number of advantages for improving a pharmacy’s operational efficiency on a day-to-day basis.

By analysing sales data and demand forecasts, AI makes it possible to avoid stock-outs and reduce costs. This is especially important for pharmacies, particularly when it affects medicines that are in high demand or used for serious health conditions.

By analysing footfall data and customers’ buying habits, AI can also help you to optimise the layout of your pharmacy by organising shelves and displays more efficiently. This makes it easier for visitors to find the items they are looking for, and makes for a more pleasant shopping experience. AI is thus helping to create the pharmacy of tomorrow: a pharmacy that is more efficient and even more focused on patients’ needs.

What pharmacy managers think of AI Veesion

Benoît, the manager of a pharmacy in the Paris suburban city of Aubervilliers, talks about the invaluable contribution Veesion has made in securing his 300 sqm (3,200 sqft) store, which serves 800 customers a day:

Veesion has enabled me to detect things that I didn’t use to detect before

Read Benoît’s testimonial on our YouTube channel.

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