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November 19, 2023

Everything you need to know about in-store anti-theft devices

Article written by: The Veesion team

This is the answer to the risk of in-store theft: anti-theft systems. Efficient systems, of which there are many models. Anti-theft gantries, anti-theft labels, and tags: find out about the different types of anti-theft device.

Anti-theft gantries: why should you use them in shops?

An anti-theft gantry protects the items sold. By detecting anti-theft devices that pass nearby, gantries are an excellent solution. There are several types available:

Radio frequency (RF) gates

Often installed in pairs, they sound the alarm using magnetic induction. One of the gantries acts as an electromagnetic wave transmitting antenna, while the second receives and picks up the signal sent. If an object fitted with an anti-theft system passes between the two gates, the signal is suddenly amplified and the alarm is triggered. An effective technology, except where metal objects interfere with the signal. It is therefore essential to have your installation properly adjusted to avoid unwanted alarms.

Electromagnetic (EM) gates

Made up of magnetic coils, this type of gantry is triggered by a change in the magnetic field. These gates have a short range of around one meter (about 3 feet). Unlike the radio-frequency system, electromagnetic gates are effective even when metal objects are present.

Acousto-magnetic (AM) gates

This gantry system is the most recent on the market. A powerhouse of technology, they operate using pulsed magnetic field technology. In the event of theft, two small magnetic strips inside the anti-theft device start to vibrate, triggering the alarm.

The different types of anti-theft device

Anti-theft labels

Anti-theft labels are used to protect goods in shops. These discreet round or rectangular labels are stuck directly onto products and sometimes come with a barcode. Anti-theft labels are a solution frequently used to protect small products.

Anti-theft tags

Used to protect textile items, anti-theft badges are one of the most common technologies used in shops. These tags generally deter thieves, as they are almost impossible to remove. A “detacher” is needed to remove them. The other advantage of these anti-theft tags: they are reusable.

Anti-theft glasses

Anti-theft devices for eyewear meet the needs of opticians and department stores. This is a plastic clip made up of two parts that straddle one of the temples of the frame. Designed to protect glasses without preventing them from being tried on, the eyewear anti-theft device allows customers to choose their frames without altering their appearance.

Bottle locks

Increasingly present in supermarkets and specialist shops: bottle locks. There are two types:
the anti-theft neck strap bottle: This is an adjustable steel cable that adapts to all bottle neck sizes;
the anti-consumption bottle lock: designed to prevent alcohol bottles from being opened and consumed on the premises, this anti-theft device attaches to the neck of the bottle and can be adjusted using a push-button.

AI video surveillance

When it comes to theft prevention, physical anti-theft devices have proved their worth. To make them even more effective, Veesion has designed AI (Artificial Intelligence) video surveillance software. A state-of-the-art solution for detecting theft, offering constant surveillance and total peace of mind. Pharmacies, department stores, supermarkets, etc.: Veesion has already equipped 2,500 retailers to help them effectively combat theft using smart video surveillance.

How do you choose an anti-theft gantry for your shop?

Choosing an anti-theft system depends on the type of business and objects to be protected.


This type of shop is characterized by its large size and the large number of items on sale. To reduce the risk of theft, radio-frequency (RF) anti-theft gates are the best choice. The antenna used detects items very accurately, provided they are not made of metal.

Clothing retail shops

To choose the right security gate, you need to know how it will be detected. Several anti-theft solutions are available for ready-to-wear shops: anti-theft labels, badges or buttons, etc. These shops generally opt for radio-frequency (RF) or acoustic-magnetic (AM) anti-theft gates.


To respect the aesthetics of products and premises, security equipment for pharmacies most often consists of radio frequency (RF) gates combined with anti-theft tags. A solution that’s as discreet as it is effective.

Eyewear shops

In these shops, anti-theft glasses are most often combined with acoustic-magnetic (AM) detectors, which have a high detection capacity. Radio frequency (RF) gates are also a viable solution for opticians.
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