Stop shoplifting in your store !

Shoplifting is detrimental to your store’s profitability. If shrinkage is poorly managed, it can make a store unprofitable. In an inflationary context, opportunity theft is more and more frequent and regular, loyal customers are sometimes driven to become individuals who commit regular theft. It is now time to fight against this crime wave and Veesion can help you protect your store.
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What is shoplifting?

Shoplifting is when a customer walks out through the doors of your store with items that they have not presented at the register and therefore have not paid for. It usually involves the customer concealing an item on their person and leaving the store as if nothing had happened.

It is sometimes easy for the customer to leave without paying, especially when the store is not equipped with security equipment (security gates, video surveillance cameras, security guards, etc.). Customers then develop ingenious theft techniques! Some hide items in their bags in a rather classic way, others in their strollers or motorcycle helmets and others even hide the products on themselves (under the skirt, in the pants, inside the jacket, in the pockets etc). The possibilities are endless and sometimes in many places you wouldn't necessarily think of. Shoplifting certainly requires ingenuity.

The amount of theft (more precisely, shrinkage) can amount to 3% of the annual sales turnover for your store. This decreases the profitability of your store, sometimes to the point of making it unprofitable.

How can I protect my business against shoplifting?

Your store's security should be a priority! Good security ensures the profitability of the store. Several solutions exist to fight against theft, the most efficient and widespread option is video surveillance. It enables you to deter criminals, prevent harassment, and even improve the productivity of the company.
  • Post warnings to thieves: deterring thieves is a first step in the fight against shoplifting. Prevention is always better than reaction. It is therefore beneficial to warn potential thieves of the solutions actively used in your store to fight shoplifting.
  • Install a doorbell: it allows you to detect incoming and outgoing customers and helps you avoid being surprised by their presence.
  • Install an alarm system: Potential thieves take notice of a store with weak security. They then take advantage of it to break into the store when it is closed. Commiting both a theft and a break-in. The amount of damage caused and the theft itself are usually very high but can be covered by insurance. Installing an alarm in the store not only dissuades thieves, but also allows you to be alerted and allows you to take necessary measures.
  • Use locked display cases: Locking up certain expensive items makes them more difficult to steal. However, this can have a negative impact on the sales volume of these products.
  • Install security gates at the exit of your store: Installing security gates to detect thefts at the entrance and exit of stores is one way to avoid fraud at the cash register or shoplifting that would not have been detected by cameras or security guards. However, these gates do not ring if the RFID tag has been ripped off by the thief or if the product is wrapped in aluminum foil.
  • Hire security guards: Human surveillance can be an asset in the fight against shoplifting  in the store. It is a disuasive measure that also allows the inspection of customers who set off the alarm when passing through the security gates. Nevertheless, human surveillance is very expensive: up to twenty dollars per hour including tax. A full-time agent requires a budget of twenty to fifty thousand dollars per year.
  • Install video surveillance in your store: installing cameras in the store, in addition to partially helping deter thieves, it also allows for remote monitoring of the sales floor.
  • Optimize the layout of your store to prevent theft: the presence of cameras and video surveillance in the store can only yield optimal results if the store is laid out correctly. For example, it is important to avoid objects from obstructing the camera's field of view.
  • Be on the lookout for suspicious activity: all of the above will allow you to know when a customer is in your store (doorbell), where they are and what they are doing  (camera). It also allows you to know what is happening in the store when you are not there or when it is closed (cameras, alarm).
  • Use Artificial Intelligence to optimize your video surveillance system : Standard surveillance cameras are limited in their capacity to stop shoplifting as they require a staff member's full attention and are subjected to human error. Artificial intelligence (AI) eliminates the time and attention required in observing CCTV monitors. An AI system simultaneously observes all camera feeds and can detect multiple suspicious gestures at the same time. Once detected, staff members are sent an alert notification and are then able to stop the thief before leaving the store.
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How to prevent shoplifting with video surveillance and artificial intelligence

Veesion is the first gesture recognition software used worldwide to stop shoplifting. We have created the best video surveillance accessory to prevent thefts, in real time.

Most stores are equipped with video surveillance cameras and sometimes even security guards. However, it is difficult for a single human being to be in the right place at the right time and to detect all suspicious behaviors, especially when several people are stealing at the same time. With Veesion, simultaneous theft and human error are no longer a problem. Our software analyzes all the cameras you want to equip at the same time to optimize theft detection.

In the field of video surveillance, Veesion has developed a powerful tool to enable you to optimize the security in your store. We offer you an intelligent, anti-theft system that is based on artificial intelligence. Veesion allows you to detect suspicious gestures in real time by alerting you and other staff members.

Our technology does not discriminate nor display prejudice, it detects all suspicious gestures in the same way, whether it be an elderly person, a young person, a man or a woman. You will therefore have a much better chance of detecting a regular thief thanks to Veesion.

After connecting our server to your video recorder, we then synchronize the Veesion software with the cameras in your store. The process is quick, easy and in less than 30 minutes you start receiving your first alerts. 

Once connected to your cameras, each time the system detects suspicious gestures, you’ll be notified on your tablet, phone or computer (even on your cash registers). These notifications are short video clips allowing you to quickly identify the suspect in real time.

After receiving the alert, a member of staff or a security officer will be able to apprehend the thief before he or she flees and use the video notification as proof to contest any objections. Providing evidence quickly is the best way to calm the suspect and put them in a position of culpability.

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Theft is disastrous for stores, which is why we are personally committed to fighting against shoplifting. In addition to giving you advice on the solutions currently available to outsmart thieves (alarms, security gates and guards, surveillance cameras etc.), we propose a brand new system to help you considerably reduce shrinkage !

Our solution requires nothing more than the presence of a functional video surveillance system in your store. We guarantee you a quality service to outsmart thieves and protect your store from shoplifting !

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How to fight shop theft?

Several solutions exist to fight against theft in stores such as the recruitment of security guards to monitor the aisles, the implementation of a video surveillance system, even better, the implementation of an intelligent video surveillance system!

How to fight against markdown at checkout?

At the checkout, many customers do not present all the items. You can of course check the bags of each customer before cashing. But this takes time and often turns out to be useless.

To make the process more efficient, Veesion is equipping the store's checkouts with tablets that receive suspicious behavior alerts from customers. This then allows the host or cashier to better target customers to check out.

How to prevent shoplifting?

To prevent theft, you can put up posters in your store, but the most deterrent is still the presence of gates or security guards at the entrance, exit and inside the store. And even more dissuasive is the presence of a video surveillance system.
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