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August 18, 2023

Using CCTV in pharmacies: advantages and disadvantages

Are you considering using video surveillance to protect your pharmacy from theft and antisocial behaviour? Is inventory shrinkage taking its toll on your sales figures? To protect their stores, many pharmacy managers are opting for surveillance cameras. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of using a video surveillance system in a pharmacy? Let’s take a look at the boons and banes of such a security system.


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The benefits of using a video surveillance system in a pharmacy

Pharmacies and Drugstores are amongst the businesses most at risk from shoplifting. Fortunately, video surveillance is one security method that offers many advantages when it comes to combatting the theft of medicines and pharmaceutical products! Here’s a list of the benefits of using video surveillance in a pharmacy.

Means to deter shoplifters and burglars

The use of video surveillance in pharmacies is much more than a simple security measure. It also acts as a deterrent to shoplifters and burglars. The presence of cameras alone can deter would-be shoplifters, provided there is someone with a sharp eye to monitor the security monitors at all times.

It’s an effective tool against a whole range of criminal or antisocial behaviours: break-ins, burglaries, material damage, and even acts of aggression towards staff. Why is it so effective? Because it allows you to possess the necessary evidence of the incident, something that criminal-minded individuals fear.

A discreet surveillance system that keeps a low profile

Although retailers are required by law to clearly display to their customers information on the use of a video surveillance system, the security systems themselves are often inconspicuous, and know how to make themselves go unnoticed. When placed in strategic locations, they enable you to maintain increased vigilance over your entire health product area.

A host of options designed to enhance surveillance efficiency

Video surveillance in pharmacies has come a long way, and security cameras now offer a number of features that are essential for reducing inventory shrinkage. These include:

  • Day and night detection for 24hr video surveillance.
  • Wide angle lens to cover all areas of your pharmacy.
  • Optimum image quality for more precise surveillance.
  • A zoom function, useful for getting a closer look at a scene.
  • A 360° panoramic view, to ensure no corner of your pharmacy escapes attention.

All these options increase the coverage area of video surveillance in pharmacies.

And what about installing Veesion’s Artificial Intelligence solution designed to automatically detect suspicious behaviour?

AI-based Veesion software works directly with the security cameras already installed in your pharmacy. You don’t need any extra equipment! AI at work to prevent the theft of medicines and health & beauty products.

Our anti-theft system continuously analyses the video stream of security cameras to automatically detect suspicious behaviour in real time. Upon detection, a live video alert is sent to the pharmacy staff and the security team, enabling them to take action quickly, armed with visual proof of the incident.

Save time for your pharmacy team

An operational video surveillance system offers considerable time management benefits for pharmacy staff. By ensuring effective monitoring on a continuous basis, it enables the pharmacists and security teams to concentrate solely on their core responsibilities.

The disadvantages of using video surveillance in a pharmacy

Using video surveillance in pharmacies is indubitably effective against theft, but it’s not without its drawbacks. In this section, we’ll be detailing the main drawbacks of using security cameras in a pharmacy, and how to get round them.

Cameras don’t work if there’s a power cut

One of the major disadvantages of video surveillance is that it’s more often than not dependent on the power supply. And pharmacies are no exception to this rule: all it takes is a power cut for the video surveillance system to become ineffective.

To counter this, it’s possible to invest in a back-up generator or opt for a wireless camera. Wireless cameras are battery-powered and can be monitored at any time, even if there’s a power cut.

Strict rules in place to protect privacy

The use of video surveillance in pharmacies and retail outlets is subject to stringent rules. Owners must ensure that they follow the legal guidelines in place for video surveillance:

  • Obligation to clearly indicate the presence of cameras in the pharmacy;
  • 30-day data retention period (recorded footage cannot be stored longer than 30 days);
  • Restricted access to any data captured.

Any information or images collected may only be used for pharmacy security purposes. The images may not be disclosed or used for purposes other than those provided for by law.

According to the CNIL, video surveillance installed in stores must not be used to monitor staff. The pharmaceutical sector is no exception.

A security camera per se does not prevent theft

Although cameras can help deter many forms of antisocial behaviour, they cannot guarantee absolute protection against theft. Surveillance cameras have their limitations, and criminals are always ready and willing to try their luck.

To avoid risks, it’s essential to seek out any vulnerabilities, such as blind spots. A well-thought-out security strategy can help you to protect your pharmacy effectively. The Veesion solution is part and parcel of such a strategy: it alerts you in real time to any suspicious behaviour in your store, and enables you to take swift and timely action.

So, are you ready to unlock the power of AI to enhance the security of your pharmacy? Choose Veesion to protect your pharmacy from inventory shrinkage.

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