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February 18, 2023

CCTV : everything you need to know about software, cameras and video kits

La vidéosurveillance est de plus en plus présente : logiciels, caméras, kits vidéo, etc. Découvrez tout ce qu’il faut savoir grâce à notre article !
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What is video surveillance?

Video surveillance is a process that consists in watching over a place or property with the help of cameras, in order to deter and identify delinquents. In other words, it is a process of transmitting images, set up in a public or private place, to remotely monitor the flow of people and their actions.

Video surveillance aims at recording the images obtained thanks to the cameras, then processing them in order to discern unwanted behavior and finally there is an obligation to destroy them. It is the General Data Protection Regulation of 2018 that governs the use of video surveillance.

What are the benefits of video surveillance systems?

Retail stores are where the most active thieves are. According to studies, a large amount of merchandise is lost every day due to shoplifting. This results in considerable loss of money over time. Therefore, it is necessary to implement video surveillance systems in retail stores. This has many benefits.

Preventing shoplifting

Shoplifting is the act of taking goods from a store without the intention of paying for them. This can be done by concealing the items, exchanging or changing the prices of the products etc. There are a multitude of theft techniques.

The Nation Retail Federation estimates that 35% of annual store losses are due to theft. Theft is therefore a crime that impacts the profitability of stores.

Each year, shrinkage (the difference between theoretical and actual stock) can represent up to 3% of a company’s turnover. ¾ of this shrinkage is due to theft.

The installation of a video surveillance system is not only a deterrent for thieves but also, it allows them to identify the thief and to question him if he is still in the store or to prevent his access to the store at his next visit.

Preventing employee theft

It can also happen that a staff member takes products from the store without intending to pay for them. They may help themselves to the store’s inventory before the products are put on the shelf, plan to pay later but never do so, scan only a portion of their items, abuse their discounts, etc.

Employee theft accounts for 33% of retail shrinkage.

The installation of a video surveillance system, although it cannot be installed in the direction of workstations, break areas, restrooms, it produces the same deterrent effect as for customers. The CCTV images can then be used to detect employees who have robbed the store and take appropriate action.

Reduce insurance costs

Insurance prices vary depending on the risk to be covered. Retail stores are particularly prone to theft, so insurance premiums are particularly high. By implementing systems that provide a higher level of security, the risk is reduced and insurance premiums are lowered.

Reduce the need to hire additional security personnel

One way to combat theft is to hire security guards to check and monitor customers in stores. Human surveillance can be a tremendous asset in the fight against theft. Nevertheless, the human eye is not infallible and is expensive; nearly 20 € TTC per hour or 80 000 € per year.

A video surveillance system allows not only to have an eye everywhere but also it costs less. However, it requires security agents to view the images, but the number of agents required for this task is less than if there was no video surveillance system at all.

Monitor customer behavior remotely

The presence of video surveillance cameras in stores is a way to have a view of the whole store from one place. This allows you to see all the aisles and corners of the store and detect where customers are in order to verify that they are not committing theft or showing suspicious gestures.

Digital storage

Images from video surveillance systems have a time limit. Indeed, after 30 days, the data collected and processed must be destroyed. In this time lapse, they are kept, stored, by the installer of the system.

For digital video surveillance systems, the data is stored on a computer, which allows for greater storage capacity. More generally, stores are equipped with video recorders that store the filmed images.

What are the different types of video surveillance cameras?

Spy cameras

A spy camera is a small device capable of capturing video images without the subject’s knowledge. They are mainly used for surveillance activities. They are cameras installed without the knowledge of the people who may be filmed. They can be disguised as ordinary objects, everyday objects so that their presence is not noticed.

WiFi cameras

A WiFi camera is a security device to which you can connect remotely to view the images transmitted. It is a wireless device that uses the network shared by a router to connect to the Internet, even wirelessly.

In addition to representing a cost and time savings because their installation is quite simple.

Wired cameras

Wired cameras have the same objectives as WiFi cameras; surveillance; but they require cables to transmit the information from the camera to the surveillance center. The difference with WiFi cameras is that the data transmission rate is higher and more stable and allows you to enjoy optimal quality video recordings.

What is video surveillance software?

Video surveillance software is responsible for meeting the security needs of companies in terms of alert management, viewing and archiving of recordings. Video surveillance software is at the heart of any digital video surveillance system.

The video surveillance software processes the images produced by the cameras to which it is connected and controls the operation of these cameras.

What is a video surveillance kit?

A video surveillance kit is a set of equipment necessary for the installation of a video surveillance system. In other words, it is a security equipment based on a video surveillance system allowing us to see what happens in the store 7 days / 7 24 hours a day.

Thanks to this surveillance system, we can remotely control the store, view and record images when we are not on site, protect people in the store as well as the goods and alert in case of theft.

More simply, a kit includes cameras, a video recorder, cables and adapters. In other words, everything that allows the installation and implementation of a video surveillance system.

Veesion: an artificial vidéosurveillance company

Veesion is a startup specialized in artificial intelligence and security. Launched in 2018, its goal is to detect suspicious gestures in real time and automatically. The Veesion algorithm is based on the latest advances in Deep Learning and is implemented on the pre-existing video surveillance system.

We are the first to use gesture recognition against theft and bring to your security system the best of artificial intelligence to prevent theft.

Our technology detects customers without bias to provide you with maximum security.

Veesion requires an existing video surveillance system, we connect our video server and synchronize it with the cameras in your store. Less than 30 minutes later you will receive your first theft alerts.

Our solution is connected to a tablet and/or a phone equipped with our application allowing you to receive theft alerts and to identify and intervene in real time.

You want to ensure the security of your store? Our anti-theft system is made for you!
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