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February 23, 2023

How to improve the security of a store?

Veesion is a Paris-based security company that has developed a particular gesture recognition technology. Since 2018, we have been detecting theft in stores around the world. Our gesture recognition software leverages the latest advances in Deep Learning to automatically detect gestures of theft in real time at physical retailers in all sectors from existing video surveillance cameras.

You want to ensure the security of your store? Our anti-theft system is made for you!
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Why is store security important?

Theft is a detrimental act for the profitability of stores. The amount of theft (more precisely, shrinkage) can reach up to 3% of the store’s turnover. If shrinkage is poorly managed, it can make a store unprofitable.

The feeling of security in the store also has a significant impact on the time spent in the sales area by customers and therefore on the average basket (Perifem – Opinionway, Exclusive study 2018).
In an inflationary context, opportunity theft is increasingly frequent and regular, loyal customers are becoming individuals who commit theft regularly.

The different types of in-store theft

  • Burglary: Upon noticing a weak security in a store, Some individuals would take advantage and infiltrate the store when it is closed and steal. The amount of damage caused and the theft itself are usually very high but can be insured.
  • Shoplifting: some customers, despite the presence of cameras in the aisles or even a security guard, still try to steal products by hiding them in their clothes , in their bags , or even in their strollers for example.
  • Internal theft: some thefts are committed by store employees. These thefts can take place in the stockroom, at the cash register or on the sales floor.
  • Fraud at the checkout: it is possible that a customer, when arriving at the checkout, does not take out all the products he has taken. He can also take advantage of the automatic checkouts to scan only a part of his shopping.

How to secure your store?

  • Use locked display cases: by locking up certain expensive items, you can make it more difficult to steal them. However, this has a negative impact on the level of sales of these products.
  • Installing security gates: the installation of gates detecting anti-theft devices at the entrances and exits of stores is a way to avoid fraud at the cash register or shoplifting that would not have been detected by cameras or security guards. However, these gates do not ring if the RFID tag has been ripped off by the suspect or if the product is wrapped in foil.
  • Hire security guards: Human surveillance can be an asset in the fight against theft in the store. It allows them to control the customers on whom there is doubt. Nevertheless, human surveillance is very expensive: nearly twenty euros per hour including tax. A full time agent represents a budget of sixty to eighty thousand euros per year.
  • Set up a video surveillance system: the installation of cameras in the store, in addition to partially helping to dissuade customers, makes it possible to monitor the sales area from a distance.

Secure your store with intelligent video surveillance

Veesion is the first gesture recognition software used to fight against theft. We bring to your video surveillance system the best of Artificial Intelligence to prevent theft in real time.

In the field of video surveillance, Veesion has developed a powerful tool to help you optimize the security of your store. We offer you an intelligent anti-theft system based on artificial intelligence allowing you to detect suspicious gestures in real time and to warn you about them.

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